Internationally, outdoor advertising has been a well known, well used and well adopted practice to address mass media. This media is quite successful in communicating about the product and business in high traffic areas and main stream roads of urban and rural areas. Outdoor advertising in general includes hoardings, bill boards, posters, cubicles, wall paintings, small display panels, kiosks, road shows, cycle & bicycle displays, animal cart displays, vehicle mounted displays, oneway stickers on showroom glass panels, banners, sign boards etc..

In recent arena, LEDs have made a strong difference in terms of quality of display and size of display. Many corporate are successfully running their advertising through this outdoor media.

We propose you this brand vehicle to encourage your marketing and advertising needs to give you an immense level of recognition amongst mass. On the road LED display advertising is a well known and well succeed media option in almost all developed countries of the world. Now it is getting fame and success in India also and we have brought this platform for you, very first time in Ahmedabad.