The video or electronic screens or billboards are a well known and quite accepted outdoor media format. Internationally and in other cities of India it is used by advertisers as an animated outdoor media format for conveying video messages and video advertising.

As an emerging and new kind of advertising system for Gujarat (after drive in open theatre screen) LED video screens offer a greater flexibility of use than conventional billboards. With high brightness, high resolution LEDs, the conventional bill board has been transformed into the perfect high-tech electronic outdoor display medium. They are only electronic bill boards in full color and large format, but they also have many distinct advantages including displaying animation and effect showing specialized television commercials outdoors. The electronic signs also act as a multiple message provider, where one sign can show a loop of continuous messages. As for changing a sign message, it's as easy as clicking with a mouse button, rather than sending about a crew to pull down and replace a billboard message.

One of the best features of these electronic signs is the possibility of evolving them into a city wide or regional display-advertising network. Here a series of connected video screens could provide everything from a broad-based advertising presence to a very tightly controlled demographic-specific displays tailored to week morning commutes or mid-afternoon shoppers or special weekend sales announcements presented to a Friday evening home commute. Today, LED video screens have matured into two specific applications of use like spectaculars and roadside display. You can find many LED screens on Times Square owned by Nasdaq, ABC news or Lehman brothers.

With a vision to provide a new age media platform for mass advertisement, we have brought of the very first of its kind of LED (Light emitting diode) display screen in Ahmedabad. The Point of purchase for this LED high resolution quality with a large size screen of 20 ft x 10 ft (200 sq ft).